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Sweet Harmony Hotel Boutique by Xarm Hotels is a unique accommodation, located in Minca, a small coffee town in the most beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, 700 meters above the sea where organic coffee and cocoa are grown and hundreds of of endemic birds.

The hotel is located on a 2-hectare piece of land next to the Minca River. It has 8 rooms located in a house with balconies and mountain views, 3 cabins located on the banks of the river and a bubble suite that allows you to sleep while watching the stars.

The hotel has direct access to the Minca River and offers massage services, Wi-Fi in common areas and tours to the most interesting areas of Minca and Santa Marta.

Minca was declared a “Man and Biosphere Reserve” by UNESCO. The mega-diversity of this jungle and picturesque place allows guests to enjoy more than 300 species of birds, one of the largest heliconia plantations in the world, rivers and natural waterfalls